Smoother Lips

Smoother Lips

How To Get Softer, Smoother Lips

Problem with chapped, bleeding, and dry lips? You can never make use of your best lipsticks if you have callused and peeling lips, even the best made lipstick can appear very cheap when paired to a dry lips. Having a dry lips can lower down your confidence. No one wants a dry and unpleasant lips so read on and take note of this easy ways to get softer, smoother lips!

Lip Balm – Like your skin, your lips also requires moisture and a lip balm or a lip cream is the perfect solution for moisturizing. Apply every night before you sleep or before applying a lipstick. It is also best to use lip balm that has SPF, to protect you lips from sunburned lips.

Do not lick – If you think your lips are drying, do not lick them. It can make your lips drier and may cause cracking. There is something in your saliva that dries your lips even more.

No to Smoking – Smoking is not healthy for your lips. It can cause appearance of dark spots. But if you are used to smoking and you already experience dark spots, use a lemon peel and rub it over your lips, this will help lighten your lips.

Best Friend Water – The easiest way to take care of your lips and make it more smoother is to drink plenty of water. It moisturizes your lips internally to give that Smoother Lips.

You can exfoliate your lips, Regularly! – There are number of products available in the market for exfoliating your skin, you can take a look on it in your nearest cosmetic bars or pharmacy. You can also make use of honey, almond oil or olive oil. Just mix any of the three with sugar and scrub the mixture in your lips in circular motion. By doing this, you are eliminating dead and dry skin on your lips.

Take note of this wise but practical tips for you to show-off your Smoother lips anytime of the day and in any lipstick you want to apply! You’ll be ready for that dream kiss!