Makeup Brushes 101


“You’re only as good as your tools” as they say. Having the right tool for your make-up regime is the most important thing that you have to consider when you start loving and being obsessed over make-up. You can actually apply make-up like a pro when you use the right makeup brushes even if you’re still a beginner. The right makeup brushes bring out the best makeups and the best in you. There are many types of makeup brushes and their varieties of uses that may confuse you, always remember that applying make-up is an art, so you have to be artistic in choosing your makeup brushes. Here is the best information that you might need to take note to start your daily dose of make-up!

makeup brushes 101


1. Flat Stiff Brush – This makeup brush is a necessity for your kit because you will use it a lot. This is a curved brush along the top. This is used for having the flawless color for the lid. It has a flat, short, stiff and soft bristles for a smooth application of eye shadow.

2. Eyeliner Brush – This is used for smudging when applying your liquid eyeliners, or cream liners with precision around the eye area. It is also called the pencil brush because it has a point like a pencil tip. You can also use it to highlight your tear duct and to have a defined cut crease appearance.

3. Stiff Dome Brush – This is also known as the blending brush, like the name suggest, this is used to perfectly blend the color you prefer for your eyes and to cancel out the harsh lines. This is best used for smaller eyes and for more precise smokey effect.

4. Angled Liner Brush – This is used for a précised eyeliner application. This is also used for filling the eyebrows with eye shadow. Its tapered shape is used to shade the eye socket.


1. Foundation Brush – This makeup brush is used to apply mineral foundation, liquid foundation or any foundation that you prefer to use. This is the tool to even the foundation in your face, neck and back. They are usually made of synthetic fibers.

2. Concealer Brush – A concealer brush is used to apply concealer to discolored part of the face or to even out foundation in hard to reach areas of the face. This helps the concealer to effectively hide blemishes, imperfections, spots and damaged skin tone. When using this brush, avoid sweeping it to your face, concealers are best used in dabbing motion.

3. Stippling Brush – Also known as duo fiber brush. It is made of synthetic fibers that let you apply flawlessly liquid foundations, blusher or even a bronzer. This is the best tool for you to blend colors in your face.

4. Contour Brush – This is used to contour and blush the face. This is the perfect pair for your powder products. To use, set the angled brush in your cheek and sweep it, you can do circular motion in blending for using the brush further.

5. Powder/Blush Brush – These makeup brushes are so fluffy and made of synthetic bristles. This is used to apply powder products, such as; powdered foundations, blush and or powdered bronzer.

6. Kabuki – This is typically paired up with mineral powder make-ups. But this makeup brush is also considered to be all-purpose. This might appear very small but it can do the best application for mineral loose powder, blusher, bronzer and even liquid foundations.


These makeup brushes are usually used by make-up artists who regularly have clients since they can’t apply lipsticks directly to the tube. This is also best used when you want deepen your lip color. This make brush helps you have a precise form for your lips since it is very soft and flat.
Always remember that brushes can make the difference! All you need are the right ones for you to achieve that perfect and desirable look.