How To Clean Your Brushes


Make-up is not make-up without make-up brushes. Brushes play an important role for make-up application, it is essential since it gives you the precise look you want and can bring out perfection for your make-ups. One of the things that you need to know about your make-up brushes is that you need to clean them. Because it is only by cleaning that you can remove all the bacteria, germs and dirt that tend to grow on uncleaned brushes. Thus, you can avoid rashes, infections and other skin condition that for sure you don’t want to experience. Aside from hygienically reasons, cleaning your brushes can also help you to retain the softness and the shape of your brush.

There are a lot of ways for you to clean your makeup brushes. Here are some great ways for you to opt  clean your brushes.

1. Cleaning Products – Using cleaning products for cleaning your brushes is the most convenient because you can easily buy them over the counter. There are cleaning products that are especially made to clean brushes. This is ideal for make-up artists who regularly have clients and for people on the go. 

2. Soap – In using soap for cleaning your brushes, make sure it is white, unscented and pure. You can use Dove or Ivory. You just have to wet your brush with lukewarm water, once it is completely wet, swirl it over the soap bar and rinse thoroughly. You can lay your brushes on a clean towel and wait for it to dry up.

3. Baby Shampoo – Another effective solution for you to use in cleaning your make-up brushes is by using a baby shampoo. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that may harm the bristles of the brush. To begin, wipe off any make-up excess from the bristles using a towel or wet wipes. Then wash it over warm water for 1 min. Then apply the baby shampoo and rub it gently until it becomes colorless and no trace of make-up residues. Next, rinse thoroughly with a warn water. Let it dry and you’re done!

4. Vinegar – Yes. Vinegar, you read it right. You can make use of vinegar to clean your brushes. Vinegar has disinfectant qualities that can surely leave your brush a clean surface. To start, fill a small bowl with warm water and vinegar, swoosh the dirty brush in the mixture. Then rinse it thoroughly with water, and let it dry. This is ideal for shared make-up brushes.

Always remember to let your brushes dry first before using it. Avoid scrubbing your brushes harshly, it may damage the bristles. Always be gentle with it.